Fundraising Form

Thank You for Participating in the NAMI Walk and Color Me Happy 5K

We appreciate your commitment to helping the members of our community living with a mental health condition. You are an integral part of our walk/run success and our mission. NAMI relies on the generous donations and participation from people like you. Each dollar from you and your family and friends goes directly toward providing FREE resources, support and programs to people in need in Hancock County.

How do I fundraise?

First Prepare! You will find that fundraising is easy and efficient when you have a defined

goal and plan. Think about a strategy before you begin. Set you fundraising goal. Aim high and motivate yourself and your donors. 


With a little ingenuity and motivation, reaching your fundraising goal will be quick and fun. Consider starting or joining a team to have a support system while you train and fundraise.  

How to raise $500 in seven days!

Sponsor yourself first                                                                      $25.00

Ask four family members to sponsor you for $25 each       $100.00

Ask five co-workers to contribute $15 each                               $75.00

Ask five friends to contribute $20 each                                     $100.00

Ask five neighbors to sponsor you for $15 each                        $75.00

Ask your boss for a company contribution of $50                    $50.00

Ask three businesses you frequent to donate $25 each         $75.00

Total                                                                                                     $500.00


Online Fundraising:


Under the NAMI Walk and Color Me Happy 5K event page register as a team or individual at Crowdrise, then share on your social media or e-mail and ask for online donations!.

  • Set your goal.
  • Personalize your information including why your are walking/running in NAMI Walk and Color Me  Happy 5K.
  • Choose a donation deadline to ensure all funds reach you before the event. 
  • Add a note about your participation and links in your personal email signature. Everyone who receives an email from you will see that you are participating in the NAMI Walk and Color Me Happy 5K with a direct link to your fundraising page.
  • Check back on your crowdfunding page to see who has donated. Send thank you letters to these individuals


Fundraising in Your Community 

People are most likely to contribute to a cause that matters to them. Just as the NAMI Walk and Color Me Happy 5K means something to you, each individual supports causes that are important in their lives. As a member of a family, a group of friends and a community, you are already surrounded by people that support something in common: you! The more you share your participation in NAMI Walk and Color Me Happy 5K with those around you, the more they will be aware of their ability to contribute to your efforts and to an important cause to help people in Hancock County who are affected by mental health conditions. How can you best reach out to your family, friends and community beyond online resources? Follow these tips:


Send a personalized letter

  • Include your address, how to contribute to your fundraising goal, your crowdrise page, information about NAMI and any other information you find pertinent to your walk and fundraising.

 Ask your company for support

  • Many workplaces offer a matching gifts program. Check with your human resources (HR) department to see if this program exists in your workplace. The company may match any donations from their employees. Use this program to double the money you donate to your own campaign. If you receive donations from coworkers, ask them to take advantage of the matching gifts program as well. Be sure to follow all instructions carefully through your HR department so gifts are properly matched.
  •  Using your company’s name and materials, send letters to clients or other business partners asking for their support. Be sure to check with your management before doing so.


Approach Local Businesses

  • Start with a business that you think will donate. Remember that business that you frequent are more likely to give; the list includes hair salons, dry cleaners, your grocery and more. Encourage the next business to join by mentioning the others who have already donated.
  • Ask for the person who will be making the decision, usually the store manager or owner rather than a clerk.
  • Tell the person who you are, where you live, who NAMI is and how they can help.
  • Be aware that some business will respond immediately and others will want to think it over before responding.
  • Don’t be discouraged if businesses turn you down. They may get many requests or have specific donation policies.
  • Follow up with the business if you don’t hear back from them within a week.
  • Invite the business to attend the event. Even if they don’t donate, they may still be willing to post a NAMI Walk and Color Me Happy 5K poster to help promote the event.
  • Thank the business for taking the time to talk with you even if they don’t donate.

Host a “dress down” party at work

  • Charge a “fee” to participate with proceeds going to the NAMI Walk and Color Me Happy 5K. For example, have employees pay $5 to wear casual clothes or hats on a given day. Make sure you clear this with your HR department in advance.

Host a Karaoke event

  • Sell tickets for an evening of not-quite professional singing at a local bar, a community room or your home. Get people to donate money to stop their friends from singing or have a singing contest.
  • Charge an entry fee and have the proceeds go to your team’s fundraising goal.                                  

Have a business challenge

  • Find two or more similar businesses willing to be challenged to see who can raise the most money. You could let your local newspaper know as they may print an article for the contest and spotlight the winner.

Flock your neighbors

  • Place a flock of pink flamingos in your neighbors yard. In return they choose a neighbor's yard rehome them, but first they must make rehoming donation to your team for the NAMI Walk and Color Me Happy 5K.

Make an announcement

  • Ask your local community group (town meeting, school event, church, etc.) if you can make a quick announcement about the walk/run and how you are raising funds for the programs offered by your NAMI of Hancock County. You can pass out personalized pledge form cards and share your crowdrise page.

Host a wine and cheese party

  • Gather an assortment of wines and cheeses. Invite your friends and family over for a special party for$20 per person (and you can try to get the wine and cheese donated, too, to save on costs.)

 Host a garage sale

  • Not only will this provide a great excuse for you to get organized, but you can raise unlimited funds for your team. Advertise your participation in the NAMI Walk and Color Me Happy 5K at the sale to encourage donations as well. Sell baked goods or lemonade to raise additional funds.

Have a car wash or offer other services

  • Let your neighbors and your community know that you will do tasks around town in exchange for a specified donation. Wash cars, mow lawns, clean, garden, babysit, drive neighbors’ children after school, tutor, dog-sit or do anything else you can imagine. Make it clear that you are raising money to be donated to the NAMI Walk and Color Me Happy 5K. 

Create a game tournament

  • Pick a favorite board game and invite friends and family to play in your tournament. Create teams and entry fees that will go towards your fundraising. Give a percentage of the entrance fees and a grand prize and an incentive to participate. Even try to organize this event for your entire community and ask businesses to provide the grand prize.

 Host an auction

  • Ask friends, family, local businesses and your company to donate items to a silent auction. Perhaps a colleague has a time-share they will not use one week, or a family member has unique art from a foreign country that just doesn’t match the rest of her décor. Assemble the donors and the rest of your friends, family, colleagues and community to bid on these items.


  • The Internet is loaded with creative and easy ideas to fundraise—way more than could ever fit in one manual. Take a bit of time to research more innovative ways to raise funds for our walk. Ask others for their ideas as well. The more creative you can be, the more opportunities you have to reach and exceed your fundraising goal.

 What Are You Waiting For? Get Started and Have FUN!