What is KidShop?


“Why do they act that way? It’s not fair! It’s embarrassing!“

These complaints are often voiced by kids who have a parent or sibling with a mental illness. KidShop provides a fun experience where kids join in activities, share concerns, get support, and learn they are not alone.

  • KidShop is for children ages 5-14. Participants are organized into two groups:
    • Children who do not have a mental health diagnosis themselves but have a sibling or parent with a diagnosis.
    • Children with a mental health diagnosis.
  • KidShop is Free to attend.
  • KidShop is held the first Saturday every month (beginning October 1st, 2016)
    • Time: 10am-2pm, Lunch will be provided.
    • Jacobs Elementary School . 

Benefits of KidShop:

  •  It is an extension of support for kids that are already in services.
  • It is an outlet and a support to children that are not in services and will help them understand mental health conditions and find support among their peers. Parents that are struggling from a mental health condition or have a child with a mental health condition sometimes need a break to re-group so they can be their best self.

Pre-registration is required. It provides an opportunity to address any needs your child(ren) may have, so that we can provide them with a great learning and social experience.