Your Voice Matters!

What Is Advocacy?



 When others can't or won't, NAMI of Hancock County speaks on behalf of those impacted with mental health conditions. Locally, NAMI offers education to give individuals and families their voice for better treatment options and services, awareness events and public speaking engagements to reduce stigma, and advocate at state and national levels for systematic changes to improve mental health treatment and services. 


Who are advocates?

Quite simply, an advocate is anyone who is passionate about an issue and cares enough to get involved on behalf of a person, concern, or cause.  Advocates for persons with mental health conditions are parents, spouses, children, siblings and friends.  Also, concerned citizens, volunteers, patients in recovery, teachers, attorneys and mental health professionals are often advocates.



What do advocates do?


They speak up where others can’t, or won’t. Advocates may be individuals, family members or someone close to an individual impacted by a mental health condition. An advocate can help by speaking out locally to reduce stigma. NAMI of Hancock County offers many public speaking opportunities, as well as opportunities to share your voice through a blog. An advocate can also help make policy changes by writing or meeting with senators and representatives requesting systematic changes.